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Young Cities - Developing Energy-Efficient Urban Fabric in the Tehran-Karaj Region // a German-Iranian research and development Project in the main project phase. For more informations about objectives, activities and results of the Young Cities project have a look on the website: http://www.youngcities.org


sustainability. energy efficiency.
economical and ecological planning and implementation.

The Young Cities Project is a work on an urban and architectural planning to develop living space for people in the Tehran-Karaj Region. In this context the research focusses an ecological development. For this it is important to create a cityscape regarding all factors of integrated living.

One necessary factor is education. Within the integrated project our team plans an educational building for vocational training for construction workers to implement modern and sustainable building methods on site.
It is aspired to use the center for information about sustainable planning and implementation and to heighten up the awareness about this themes.


LIFEcenter // educational building for vocational training for construction workers // information and communication spot

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